I'm most interested in the problem-solving part of design

For me, design is at a turning point right now. Industrial design used to be about solving problems with new product ideas. Today, problems are becoming increasingly complex, so we need to avoid product-centered development and stretch the frame further to offer comprehensive solutions. 

Interest & Motivation 

At the moment I am in the process of specializing in design related to urban space as well as the relationship between the people living there. For me, the word "relationship"  also includes a healthy relationship with nature. 

It's all about Communication

Through my work in the Audi design team as well as in my design career, I understood that design is never a task for one person. That's why I am learning more about team organization and communication.
In design processes this is often underestimated, but: to keep a good atmosphere and workflow in the team or between teams, a clear structure is essential.
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