69 What? 
How can individual designers like Jasper and I tackle global problems? 

Our idea: Scale down everyday processes so that they can be experienced, explored and understood by a single person. 

Concept: Experiment with small raw material cycles in an urban apartment and close them 

More information in our pitch video
On April 22nd & 23rd, "The Open Studios" took place in Pforzheim. We opened our studio at the “Alter Schlachthof” and took the opportunity to realize our first exhibition of project 69:8 to present our key ideas!
We related questions about the urban apartment's functionality today and the potential for future living to concrete everyday situations visually. For example, there was coffee from Gentelmansblend! In our pop-up café, we compared different ways of preparing the beverage in terms of their energy consumption.
More information about the Open Ateliers: http://www.offeneatelierspf.de​​​​​​​

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by Andreas Dannemann & Jasper O'Callaghan

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